The Keys to Intelligent Tax Lien Investing
Manage Tax Lien Certificate Investments professionally on-line in any state.
Know how much your investments are going to return, and when.
Have all the information you need, when you need it.
Trust that your models and analytics are accurate, your data is secure, and that you'll never miss an important deadline.

LienLog™ was developed by a team of successful real estate investors and experienced financial technologists for professional tax lien investors. LienLog™ harnesses the power of cloud computing to deliver the most comprehensive integrated system of advanced research, analytical, and portfolio modeling, management, sharing tools available to tax lien certificate investors anywhere.



LienLog™ has all the power tools serious tax lien investors want and need - all in one place and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.


LienLog™ enables serious tax lien investors to locate and procure the quality data needed to make sound investment decisions.


Numbers may not lie, but they can be misleading. LienLog's™ proprietary modeling and analytical tools show you how to make more profitable investment decisions.


Whatever your definition of success when it comes to your tax lien certificate portfolio, LienLog™ will help you get there with confidence.


Aug 23