LienLog - the Tax Lien Industry standard software

Aug 8

Fort Lee, NJ - LienLog - the Tax Lien Industry standard software for servicing Tax Lien Certificate Investments, is proud to announce a new host of additional features for its users.

LienLog allows its users to service their Tax Lien Certificate Portfolios from acquisition to disposition and even foreclosure. By providing its users with unparalleled tools, reports, data sharing and control over their Tax Lien Certificate Portfolios in a "cloud-based" environment, LienLog claims to increase business productivity and profits by reducing manual labor, data maintenance and overall business overhead costs.


LienLog provides many powerful features to its users, such as the "Pre-Auction Module" which allows users to forecast their Tax Lien Certificate before they purchase it, keeping all upcoming Tax Lien Auctions conveniently located in one calendar, and calculates the premium a user should pay for the Tax Lien to achieve the desired ROI before they even bid. This Pre-Auction module is fully integrated with Tax Sale Resources Auction Data. The data accessible in the "Pre-Auction" module will help any Tax Lien Investor make the most out of the upcoming Tax Lien Auctions in the States where they invest.


The "Lien Servicing Module" allows the user to manage the Cash Flows of the Tax Lien. By inputting any and all property data (Maps, Hazards, County Clerk, Affidavits, Notices, Receipts etc.) into one centralized location, the user doesn't have to worry about cross-referencing multiple spreadsheets to get the information they need. Users of LienLog can manage and view the performance of their portfolio or individual Tax Lien in distinct visual graphs. LienLog has built-in reminders about subsequent tax payments, form filings, and Tax Lien Auctions.


The "Foreclosure Module" allows the user to manage the entire Foreclosure process directly from one convenient location. The user can track each step of the Foreclosure process, automatically generate documents (i.e. Letter of Intent), upload attachments, and even assign a lien or portfolio to their attorney for Servicing.


LienLog incorporates a user-friendly interface, allowing its users to report performance of their Tax Lien Portfolio in real-time, and gives users the ability to share their data easily with other parties via hassle-free sharing links and no cost "view-only" accounts. LienLog enables its users to store any data, documents, and important information such as affidavits and notes on LienLog's encrypted servers. Users are then able to access their data, from anywhere and at anytime with an Internet connection.


Some of the new features of LienLog include - a new ability to generate Multi-Notices for Non-Redeemable Deeds, the addition of Kentucky as a LienLog servicing State, an improved User Activity List (for audit trails), numerous improvements of back-end algorithms, an ability to color-code exported reports, and many other exciting new features.


LienLog and LienMarket are also proud to announce the release of a new Tax Lien Portfolio exclusively available for assignment on This portfolio features 737 Tax Liens and has a total redemptive value of over $1.5 Million.


Since being released to the consumer market in April of 2012, LienLog software claims to service over half of a billion dollars in Tax Lien investments across various states from numerous individual and institutional Tax Lien Investors

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