LienMarket LLC. Announces the Release of LienMarket

Mar 14


LienMarket LLC. announced the release of LienMarket, the first and only web-based Secondary Market Platform for Tax Lien Investors. LienMarket is a proprietary and patented trading platform that allows tax lien investors to buy and sell tax liens within an expansive Secondary Market without the need for broker-dealers. 


LienMarket enables its users to communicate with each other for the purpose of buying, selling and financing Tax Lien Investment Portfolios. 


Tax Lien data flows directly from LienLog, the leading web-based tax lien investment portfolio management and servicing software. In doing so, LienMarket users are able to evaluate Tax Lien Portfolios using real-time performance metrics, graphs, and detailed property information. Employing the same ROI modeling and analytical tools used by LienLog, LienMarket users are able to assess the suitability of a Tax Lien Portfolio for financing or assignment. 


As an introductory offer, all LienLog users subscribed to a LienLog Pro account will enjoy complimentary access to LienMarket.

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