Top 100 delinquent taxpayers in California owe $419M

May 31

By Sam Pearson
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Amid a crippling state budget deficit and a national debate over raising taxes on the wealthy, the California Board of Equalization has added 16 new companies and individuals to its list of unpaid delinquent sales and use taxes for the fourth quarter of 2011.

According to the tax agency, the newcomers included an oil company, a restaurant, several car dealerships, a financial adviser and an auto repossession service. In total, the newcomers owed a combined $21,169,530.

The top 100 list contains more than $419.5 million in owed taxes.

The total amount owed by delinquent taxpayers dwarfs the $333 million the California State University system is asking to have restored to its budget for the 2012-13 year and is enough to cover a semester of tuition at the CSU system for 153,326 students.

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