Tax Lien Servicing

Portfolio Management and Sharing

  • Separate data across different lien holders.
  • Manage an unlimited number of tax lien certificates.
  • Follow the tax lien cycle from acquisition to redemption, assignment, bankruptcy, or foreclosure.
  • Organize tax lien certificates in the ways that make sense to you - in as many different portfolios as you like.
  • Create an unlimited number of view-only shared links of a single certificate, an individual portfolio, or your entire lien holdings for the purposes of reporting or assignment.

Cash Flow Management

  • Keep track of all financial transactions relevant to you tax liens.
  • Categorize your financial transaction into appropriate categories and see their effect on redemption value real-time!
  • Automatically create schedules of subsequent payments and get notified when payments are due.
  • Get notified when payment affidavits are missing and automatically generate them via the system.

Document Storage and Management

  • Store and manage documents relevant to your investments.
  • Store photos or even videos of the underlying property.
  • Organize your files in custom categories.
  • Automatically generate common documents - Notice of Tax Lien, Intent to Foreclose, Payment Affidavits, Assignment and others.

Scheduling and Notifications

  • Auction and payment calendars
  • Notifications of missing affidavits, redemption, recording with the municipality, and more.
  • Customize your settings for LienLog™ notifications and other preferences.

Payment Management

  • Generate municipality payment confirmation forms and upload data directly into your LienLog portfolio
  • Automatically create payment schedules and get system alerts for upcoming payments
  • Generate Payment Affidavits
  • Keep track of all subsequent payments made for each tax lien in your portfolio and know exactly how much interest each payment earns